WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding Season 6 of the CW's Gossip Girl. 


The CW announced that Season 6 of Gossip Girl will be the final season. After five successful seasons, the guilty-pleasure series will come to an end. Gossip Girl will keep her deliciously salacious secrets silent forevermore.

As Season 6 inches closer, the Gossip Girl family gets ready to say goodbye.

It's very exciting, Producer Stephanie Savage told WetPaint. As a writer, I think your impulse is to move your story forwards and to bring things to completion. As a television producer, your job is to make the show last as long as humanly possible. Those final 10 will be really sad and weird when it's over. We want to make sure that the last 10 episodes, we're leaving it all on the floor. We really want them to count and to be really special.

The CW announced that Season 6 of Gossip Girl will reportedly consist of 10 episodes plus a retrospective that will wrap up the Upper East Side madness once and for all next year, reported Us Weekly.  However, this number could change based on what is needed to tie-up every loose end. 

Serena has gone off the grid, beyond even the reach of Gossip Girl. Her friends fear for the worst and hope for the best, but even they can't imagine where they will ultimately find her, the network said in a statement to Us Weekly Thursday.

Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald, told Parade magazine that the ending of Gossip Girl is bittersweet for him.

I tend to throw something for the crew at the end of every season. What will we do? For me, it's going to probably be more bittersweet and tough to leave New York City. And it's definitely an end of an era. It was college for everyone really. We'll do something for sure, he said.

As for how he would end it, the 26-year-old offered up some interesting ideas: If I got to write the show, it would be a very different thing. I would make Chuck Gossip Girl and I would turn my character into Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. That would be a weird twist of events.

Savage offered some juicy Season 6 spoilers for Gossip Girl fans. Here is what she had to say to WetPaint.

  • Chuck and Blair: I think it was just a question of arcing out that relationship so that it ended in a place where it was Blair coming to declare that she was in it to win it with Chuck and leaving that as the question of Season 6.
  • Serena Spirals Outs of Control: She's now feeling like she's lost Blair, she's lost Dan. She's sort of all by herself again. That's going to put her in a pretty precarious emotional situation when we start Season 6.
  • Revealing Gossip Girl: Another major plotline for Season 6 will be Nate's mission to reveal Gossip Girl's true identity. We thought he had pretty good detective skills this year so we're gonna keep using them.
  • Will Nate Find Love?: I think when we met Nate, way back when in the pilot, he was someone who was really questioning what this world held for him, dating and pining for Serena - where was it all going to end? I think that's a big part of his series arc that we'll be exploring next year.
  • Sex Tape Scandal: Well, if somebody had a sex tape on their cell phone, and they said they deleted it, but you never really saw that it was deleted...
  • The Rufus, Lily, Bart Love Triangle: Rufus and Lily's marriage has been relatively stable for a couple years and it's just recently in the last sort of story arc that we did - with Lily and her mother dying and with the will and Ivy and the war with her sister - that certain aspects of her personality that we are all very aware of and that have been with us since the beginning are starting to solidify in a way that's made Rufus uncomfortable and made him question what that relationship is really about. Then with him making this final gesture towards her that we saw in the finale of wanting to save the marriage and Lily rejecting that, I think is going to put them all in a really interesting spot for next year.

Click here to read Stephanie Savage's full interview with WetPaint. Gossip Girl will air Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.