Fox has released two new teasers for Season 2 of the drama series “Gotham.” Following a string of reports about the addition of new cast members, one of the trailers shows some of the new villains that will be wreaking havoc in Gotham City in the upcoming season. Bruce Wayne and Alfred’s descent into the Batcave is also featured in one of the teasers.

In the first trailer, protagonist Jim Gordon is shown confronting his Season 1 nemesis, Commissioner Loeb. The pair clashed on many occasions in Season 1, and their war against each other continues into the next season. Gordon is seen in the trailer promising Loeb once again that he will take down the commissioner.

Gordon also is seen delving deeper into his unusual friendship with Penguin. After the violent underworld battle that ended Season 1, Penguin has emerged as the Mayor of the Gotham underground crime world. Jim is seen in the teaser once again approaching the criminal for help.

Apart from the continuing themes from Season 1, the trailer also highlights the “Rise of the Villains.” As previously mentioned by the producers, Season 2 will feature an influx of new enemies. The trailer offers a first glimpse of the whip-wielding Tigress, Joker and several other enemies that Jim Gordon will be facing. Luckily for him, the addition of Michael Chiklis as Captain Nathaniel Barnes will give him some much-needed reinforcement.

In another short trailer, the young Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred are seen descending into the staircase that was shown in the final episode of Season 1 -- which is believed to become the Batcave. Wayne and Alfred wander tentatively into their discovery and discover a security panel protecting the secret chamber.

“Gotham” Season 2 returns this fall. The premiere episode is scheduled to air on Monday, Sept. 21, on Fox