Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Chiklis has been confirmed as the latest addition to the cast of the Fox drama series “Gotham.” Chiklis will be a series regular for Season 2 and will play Captain Nathaniel Barnes.

After a string of actors coming in to play villainous roles in the series, the introduction of Chiklis as Capt. Barnes is a welcome change. After all, series protagonist Detective Jim Gordon, played by Benjamin McKenzie, will need all the help that he can get.

“Barnes is a hero and a mentor, someone with whom he can share the burden of heroism. Captain Barnes proves himself to be a strong ally to Gordon. … But one day he will make an equally powerful enemy,” the show’s producers told TV Line.

The character is described as built of a fiber close to Gordon’s own profile. He comes into the Gotham City Police Department and whirls around like a tornado. He, like Gordon, isn’t afraid of going after enemies both in and outside the force, according to TV Line.

In Season 1, Gordon made a name for himself after he not only brought down a few notorious criminals; he also took down several dirty cops from inside the police force. He gained a lot of respect, as well as many enemies along the way. Capt. Barnes appears to follow the same principle, and he isn’t afraid to make enemies while doing his job.

The second season already has a whole host of villains lined up. Most prominent is the Penguin. He will be joined by The Riddler, Joker, Theo Galavant, Tigress, Mr. Freeze and Silver St. Cloud, among others.

TV Line previously reported that during the San Diego Comic-Con panel interview with the producers, they said that Season 2 has already been dubbed the “rise of the villains.” Some reinforcement on the side of the heroes is much needed.  The young Bruce Wayne will also be exploring his dual personality, and he will eventually evolve into Batman.

According to Cinema Blend, Chiklis most recently starred in “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” He also appeared in “The Shield,” ”No Ordinary Family” and “Vegas.” Catch him as Capt. Nathaniel Barnes when “Gotham” returns this fall. The season premiere will air on Monday, Sept. 21 at 8:oo pm ET on Fox.