Theo Galavan (James Frain) continues to rise to power on Fox's pre-Batman drama "Gotham." The show is an origins story and many are left asking who exactly in the Batman universe Theo can be. Four episodes into Season 2, it looks like the highest odds could be on the infamous villain Ra's al Ghul.

Here are three reasons why Theo could be Ra's al Ghul:

1. Ability To Bring Villains Together

In an interview with TV Guide in August, "Gotham" executive producer Danny Cannon teased that Theo is the "origins of a very famous DC villain." 

"He comes from a very wealthy family with ancient roots in the building and foundation of Gotham. It takes a while for us to understand why he came back to Gotham and what his plan is, but it's an insidious one, obviously. He's a little bit like the Great Gatsby and Dracula coming to town with money and influence and charm and trying to bend to Gotham to serve him," Cannon said.

Next to nothing was known about Theo and his plan for Gotham City coming into the season, but each week more and more of his evil plan is revealed and falls into place. First, he broke out a group of criminal lunatics to do his bidding, and now, he's getting the new king of the Gotham City underworld, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), to do it.

2. Use Of Bioweapons

In the comics, Ra's al Ghul is a supervillain who not only has a legion of followers, but also tries to make use of bioweapons to level humanity. On "Gotham" it appears Theo has a certain understanding of using bioweapons. In episode 1 he gave out blue "dragonsblood," which was eventually used to break the lunatics out of Arkham Asylum.

Ra's al Ghul was the main villain in Christopher Nolan's first Batman film, 2005's "Batman Begins." Portrayed by Liam Neeson, Ra's al Ghul wanted the total destruction of Gotham City. Like the comic book version, he tried to unleash a bioweapon on Gotham City that would have caused people to destroy each other. 

Watch a clip of Ra's al Ghul in "Batman Begins" below:

 3. Drive To Destroy Gotham City

Not only are the two characters similar based on using some sort of bioweapon, but listen to Theo talk about his want to cleanse the city with blood and fire on "Gotham." When compared to Ra's al Ghul's plan he revealed to Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins" -- he says he wants to destroy the city to bring balance to the world using his position as the leader of the League of Shadows to do it -- they are eerily similar and clearly have some of the same characteristics and traits.

Watch a clip of Theo Galavan below:

Putting the two characters side by side it's very easy to see strong similarities between the two. However, after the way the whole Jerome Valeska/The Joker angle played out, this could be the show messing with its viewers once again, or maybe, like Jerome, Theo could be the inspiration for the eventual emergence of Ra's al Ghul. We'll find out soon enough.

"Gotham" airs Mondays on Fox at 8 p.m. EDT.