What’s in store for Selina Kyle in “Gotham” Season 3? Carmen Bicondova, the actress who plays the character in the Fox series, said that the future Catwoman is definitely going to navigate a “darker path” this season.

“She’s going to be going down a darker path for sure; she’s going to be going through more of a roller coaster when it comes to life. She’s going to be evolving in her relationship with Bruce [Wayne],” Bicondova told Gotham Magazine.

A lot of actresses have already portrayed Selina Kyle and Catwoman in the past, but Bicondova said her version for the series is different because she’s much younger. “We’ve also never seen her in this state, we’ve never seen her as an orphan, and we’ve never seen her at her beginning,” she said. “I think that’s really cool, and I’m grateful to be part of history I guess. I’m the seventh person to play Catwoman but I’m the first person to play her like this.”

As for Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), he is going to take his relationship with Selina to the next level this season, but things might go awry especially since his doppelgänger is trying to imitate the young billionaire.

Executive producer Ken Woodruff told The Hollywood Reporter that the mystery of Bruce’s double would hopefully be explained as the season unfolds.

“There's a real mystery there and a much bigger story that's going to unfold over the course of the entire season around the central question of why was Hugo Strange, or the people who were behind Indian Hill, creating an exact double of Bruce Wayne? Is it about replacing Bruce Wayne?” he said.

Whatever the case, Mazouz told Decider that Bruce’s doppelgänger will also help develop his character’s playboy persona moving forward.

“We’re gonna play with that playboy persona, party boy persona, but it’s not going to be used to cover up secret affairs that are going on, secret investigations, or secret fighting with evil. It’s going to be a reality. We haven’t shot much of it yet but it’ll be coming towards the middle of the season,” he said.