After being infected by the blood of Alice Tetch (Naian Gonzales Norvind), Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) from “Gotham” finally listened to the voices inside his head and embraced his dark side.

In the episode “Mad City: Blood Rush,” Barnes ran afoul of the law and killed villains himself. At first, Barnes still felt guilty over what he did. But after a plastic surgeon named Symon, who makes a living giving new faces to Gotham City’s criminals, was captured by the cops and subsequently released due to lack of charges against him, Barnes became enraged.

The voices inside his head declared the man “guilty,” and he agreed. Barnes confronted the surgeon inside the men’s bathroom and literally pushed him out of the wall, all the while stating that he is the “judge, jury and executioner.”

According to Cinema Blend, all these signs point towards the Batman animated series villain called The Judge. The villain is actually another personality of Harvey Dent — the alter-ego of Two-Face. The Judge is another personality of his who wants to rid Gotham City of criminals.

Chiklis earlier told Blastr that Barnes was forced to change because “things are spiraling out of his control around him.” He also revealed to Comic Book that even before he took on the role, he already knew of this big twist that will happen to his character in Season 3. Chiklis said it actually helped him develop his character better.

“I knew that I could be a particular kind of man, knowing that I didn't have to worry about it becoming too one note or flat, because I was going to go somewhere,” he explained. “That's the wonderful thing about being in television anyway, because you get to explore a character over the course of many, many hours instead of the context of a two-hour film. There's some really cool stuff coming.”