When “Gotham” fans first met Bruce Wayne’s (David Mazouz) doppelgänger, he seemed like a harmless, terrified young boy who had no clue what he was doing. But in the Season 3 episode “Mad City: New Day Rising,” Bruce’s double came into his own by cutting his hair, stealing Alfred Pennyworth’s (Sean Pertwee) car and taking Selina Kyle (Carmen Bicondova) out on a date.

After being caught, Bruce’s double made a promise to the real Bruce that he won’t be seeing him again. However, The Court of Owls has bigger plans for him and kidnapped him before the episode ended.

One thing’s for sure — that’s not the last we’ll be seeing of Bruce’s double. Mazouz even told Comic Book that both boys will be coming face-to-face with each other again and deal with their personal jealousies.

“Yes, there is an envious feeling for both,” he said. “The clone we still dont know much about him; he was born in a lab and he sees a kid looking exactly like him with all that stuff. All he knows is lab coats and experiments and now he sees Alfred, Selina, and a big house and he wants that. So I think this ‘clone’ is going to teach Bruce to use the things around him and I think Bruce is going to teach the clone... well, you'll see.”

Mazouz earlier said that Bruce will be developing his playboy persona this season. Batman fans all know that Bruce is going to be a womanizing drunk when he grows up, so no one would suspect that he’s really a crime-fighting vigilante. But in “Gotham,” Mazouz said that side of Bruce won’t be used as a mask.

“What we’re gonna do in ‘Gotham’ is, we’re gonna play with that playboy persona, party boy persona, but it’s not going to be used to cover up secret affairs that are going on, secret investigations, or secret fighting with evil. It’s going to be a reality,” he told Decider.

At the same time, it will take some time before “Gotham” fans will be introduced to Batman. “Batman can’t exist until he’s necessary, and he’s not necessary yet,” Mazouz told Collider. “The world of Gotham has to get a lot worse, which it will. That’s the show. It really is the story of how a city goes from being okay to just being an absolute mess, and there needs to be a Batman to save it.”