Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) formed a surprising alliance in “Gotham” Season 2, and the two villains will continue their unlikely friendship this coming season.

“There’s so much of it in Season 3, the two of us, coming up,” Smith told Comic Book.

What’s going to make their dynamic even more interesting is Butch (Drew Powell), who might just go back to being Penguin’s right hand man.

“The Nygma/Butch dynamic is pretty much the opposite of the Penguin/Butch dynamic.” Powell said. “There’s this weird sympatico between Penguin and Butch, but Butch and Nygma are chalk and cheese. They are oil and water. These two will never see eye-to-eye. So there’s this weird triangle between Penguin, Nygma, and Butch that starts near the beginning of the season, works through the first part, and I think will carry through the season of this weird dynamic.”

Butch stands for loyalty, but Nygma is a lone wolf. For Nygma, the only person who matters is himself, so Powell said it’s been a lot of fun letting these characters share several scenes together.

Even Smith enjoyed having his character compete with Butch for Penguin’s attention.

“The pair will be constantly both trying to be Penguin's favorite,” he said. “I’m much smarter than he is, but he’s much bigger. Whenever we’re vying for the attention of Penguin, competing with each other, it’s kind of funny. We have very different gifts. It’s been really neat to play with him. It’s like a bull fight kind of thing – he’s the bull, but I’m totally in charge.”

Aside from Butch, Nygma and Cobblepot, other villains from past seasons will also be making a comeback. One of these might just be The Joker (Cameron Monaghan), who died in Season 2.

Executive producer John Stephens said they have a surprise in store for the Joker’s fans. “It is 100 percent our intention to bring Jerome back,” he told Zap2It. “We’re going to be playing it again this year and basically extending the idea of the cult of Jerome. We’re building the architecture for him to come back.”

Co-executive producer Ken Woodruff, on the other hand, teased that they might have already introduced Harley Quinn in past “Gotham” episodes. “You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time. So we always reserve the right to sort of do that as well,” he told IGN.