“Gotham” Season 3 introduced the doppelgänger of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), but how will he affect the life of the original Bruce? Will he become a threat, or will he help Bruce in some way?

Executive producer Ken Woodruff said that doppelgänger Bruce will help develop Bruce’s future playboy persona.

“Bruce Wayne always had this party boy exterior persona that he was able to use and hide behind so people wouldn't assume he was Batman,” Woodruff told The Hollywood Reporter. “One of the things we wanted to do is use this Bruce doppelgänger to show Bruce that there's a whole other way of behaving out there that's not what you expect.”

As a kid who grew up in a cell in Indian Hill for 10 years, Woodruff said the Bruce lookalike would want to enjoy life. Seeing Bruce with all of his toys, resources and money, he would urge the young billionaire to live a little.

“He forces Bruce to be happier, be more grateful that he's a rich kid, take advantage of it,” said Woodruff. “The other thing with Bruce Two is that there's a real mystery there and a much bigger story that's going to unfold over the course of the entire season around the central question of why was Hugo Strange, or the people who were behind Indian Hill, creating an exact double of Bruce Wayne? Is it about replacing Bruce Wayne?”

Woodruff added that both Bruce and his double don’t know the answers to these questions. Because of this, the doppelgänger’s existence is already a threat to Bruce, even if his lookalike isn’t scary or dangerous on the surface.

Meanwhile, Bruce will also plan to deepen his relationship with Selina Kyle (Carmen Bicondova) this season. But Bicondova told Comic Book that Bruce’s new approach would make her character feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, Mazouz told Decider that show creators have a big plan on how to develop Bruce’s playboy persona. “We’re gonna play with that playboy persona, party boy persona, but it’s not going to be used to cover up secret affairs that are going on, secret investigations, or secret fighting with evil. It’s going to be a reality. We haven’t shot much of it yet but it’ll be coming towards the middle of the season,” he said.