The relationship shared by Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is really something else.

In the episode “Mad City: Anything For You,” Nygma risked his life just to expose Butch Gillian’s (Drew Powell) hand in the creation of the Red Hood Gang. When they returned to Penguin’s mansion, Penguin wasted no time in caring for his friend. Nygma then told the new mayor: “I hope you know, Oswald, I would do anything for you.” The two then shared a fierce hug, with Penguin even caressing Nygma’s face.

Fans have noticed the physical intimacy between the two characters, and have been wondering if the two will become a couple in “Gotham” Season 3.

Whether this will happen or not, Taylor said no one can deny the special bond between the two characters.

“Well, they are both outcasts in their own way and in a way that actually complements each other. Oswald is more emotional, whereas Edward is very cerebral and they both have lost everyone in their lives,” he told Screen Rant.

“They don’t have anyone so [they] come into each other’s lives at the same point, and they really learn to trust each other and to have trust in Gotham city is extremely rare,” Taylor added. “There is a mutual affection there, I believe, but yeah we’ll see how it goes.”

As for Smith, he said the two definitely have “couple-est” qualities, but what makes their relationship interesting is that it’s comprised of “two demented people.”

Meanwhile, Taylor told Yahoo! TV that one person the Penguin definitely won’t be friends with is the Joker.

“Joker represents anarchy, whereas Penguin is all about there [being] an order to everything,” he said.

Despite living a life of crime, Taylor said that “there’s something identifiable in his madness” since he’s not interested in tearing things down.

Taylor also told Variety that forming strong alliances this season is quite important for Penguin since he lost both of his parents last season.