Oswald Cobblepot, better known as the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), has come to rely on Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) in “Gotham” Season 3.

It’s a friendship that is off to a great start, and the two seem to make a great team. But when Taylor was asked by Yahoo! TV if the Joker, who was killed off last season, would be a good friend to Penguin, Taylor gave a definite no.

“Joker represents anarchy, whereas Penguin is all about there [being] an order to everything,” he said.

“He’s not interested in tearing things down. He’s not interested in anarchy at all,” Taylor further explained, adding that this is the reason why Penguin and the cops often find common ground. “There’s something identifiable in his madness.”

Taylor is happy with the odd pairings being made by the show. Nobody expected Penguin and Nygma would get along, but when the show tried out that formula, sparks flew. “Every relationship illuminates parts of the characters that we wouldn’t necessarily have known,” said Taylor.

The actor earlier told Variety that it’s so important for his character to forge stronger alliances this season, especially after losing so many loves ones in the past.

“In light of what happened to Penguin last year, losing both his parents, being cast out by everyone he trusted, he has a big hole in his life,” Taylor said of Penguin. “He needs allies, he needs people by his side, so his connection with Nygma falls right into that.”

But whatever Penguin does, and no matter who he gets on his side, co-executive producer Ken Woodruff told Entertainment Weekly that he cannot escape Fish’s dominance. “She’s a really powerful person in this world, and Indian Hill only accentuated that. Her time in Indian Hill gave her this ability to exert control over people and for her. She couldn’t ask for a better power. She’s going to stir things up and cause some real problems for everyone involved,” he said.