The Season 3, episode 11 of USA Network's “Graceland” -- titled "The Wires" --  is about FBI Agent Joe "Johnny" Tuturro’s (Manny Montana) dangerous undercover mission that involves being in the territory of notorious gangs.

The episode, which will air on Thursday, will also feature Johnny’s friends and colleagues, including FBI Senior Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), FBI Agent Mike "Levi" Warren (Aaron Tveit), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan), FBI Agent Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent Dale "DJ" Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren).

Spoiler Alert!

TV Guide reported that in "The Wires," Johnny will help out Briggs resolve a problem involving gangs, which include the Armenian Mafia and its violent lieutenant Ari Adamian (Rhys Coiro). Meanwhile, Mike is on to Briggs again. He thinks that he is up to no good once more, and is keeping another big secret from the team. As for Charlie, she will team up with Jakes regarding the business with Germaine Marsden (Hal Ozsan). Zap2it reported that Johnny will head on over to Soto Street and infiltrate that area to gain access to important information regarding the gangs that are not in good terms.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provides a list of the show's other cast members, including Sope Aluko (Agent Avery Stanwood), Jordi Vilasuso (Paulo Calvacanti), Erica Camarano (Eva Torres), Mahedi Rakib (Gusti Vin Kadek Pendit) and Cole David Murray (Armenian Family member). "Graceland" Season 3, episode11 "The Wires," airs at 10 p.m. EDT on Thursday in the U.S.

The events of "The Wires" episode follow the show's Season 3 episode 10, titled "Master of Weak Ties," which aired on Aug. 27. It featured Ari and Briggs’ promotion within the Armenian mob. Ari assigned Briggs to meet up with the other gangs in L.A. He angered another leader of a gang when he hooked up with his girlfriend.

As for Mike, he tried to help Gusti get Madison Feigl (Katherine Crawford) rehabilitated for her drug addiction. Charlie also helped them talk some sense into Madison. It is interesting to note that "Master of Weak Ties" was directed by "Elementary" and "Kung Fu Panda 3" star Lucy Liu.

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