USA Network's "Graceland" aired its Season 3 premiere, titled "B-Positive" on June 26. It was about Mike's return to the group after they were led to believe that he died. Plus, Briggs went undercover to be part of the Armenian Mafia.

It featured the characters of FBI Senior Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), FBI Agent Mike "Levi" Warren (Aaron Tveit), FBI Agent Joe "Johnny" Tuturro (Manny Montana), FBI Agent Catherine "Charlie" DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent Dale "DJ" Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren).

In "B-Positive," it was revealed that Agent Mike Warren is alive and recuperating. But his current state is being kept a secret until the team can arrest Sid Markham (Carmine Giovinazzo). However, Charlie, Johnny and Briggs were preoccupied with other matters to fully concentrate on Sid's case. Paige became obsessed with taking Sid in without the rest of the team to back her up. But when Mike found out about it, he rushed over to help Paige, knowing that Sid won't hesitate to kill her.

Meanwhile, Johnny had no choice but to continue serving Carlito Solano in Mexico because Lucia (Jamie Gray Hyder) would be put in more danger if he suddenly stopped cooperating with the drug dealer. As for Charlie, she's busy finding the British guy that held her captive. Aside from all this drama, the Juan Badillo murder tape also went missing.

Special Agent John Logan (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) got a hold of the Badillo tape, which could destroy Briggs' career. He uses it to offer Briggs a deal to make the tape go away. In return, Briggs had to go undercover as one of the employees of the Sarkissian family's lieutenant Ari Adamian (Rhys Coiro). The Sarkissians are an Armenian Mafia that specializes in dealing arms.

Unfortunately, Briggs discovered that working for Ari is extremely dangerous. Ari ended up killing Sammy O'Malley (Adam Crain) when he harvested both his kidneys. Briggs tried to call for backup from Logan but there was no one who came to help him. Briggs got mad at Logan and he said that the mission is over because he wasn't able to save Sammy O'Malley. Logan pointed out that the mission isn't over because their main goal is to stop the Sarkissians from dealing arms again and killing innocent people in the process.

The "Graceland" Season 3 Premiere "B-Postive" aired at 10 p.m. EDT June 26 on the USA Network. The next episodes are "Chester Cheeto" (July 2); "Sense Memory" (July 9); "Aha" (July 16); "Piñon Tree" (July 23); and "Buto Ijo" (July 30).