Polyphony Digital founder and Gran Turismo series creator Yazunori Yamauchi took to the official PlayStation blog early Tuesday to announce that he and the team working behind “Gran Turismo Sport” have decided to push the release date of the game back to next year.

Announced 10 months ago at Paris Game Week, “Gran Turismo Sport” is Polyphony and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s next installment after its successful “Gran Turismo 6,” and Yamauchi stated in his post that many fans have high expectations for the game. Unfortunately, instead of its anticipated November release, the game’s release date has been delayed until 2017.

Yamauchi indicated in his post that the reason for the delay is because his team still needs more time to perfect “Gran Turismo Sport” and in order for them to ensure that the gaming experience is not compromised once the game arrives. The professional racing driver also admitted that they are after the high quality features that they would be able to deliver well through the cutting-edge technologies they are using.

Yamauchi noted that the new Sport mode that they are to introduce in “GT Sport” is going to change the way gamers play racing games. The mode, according to him, provides a competitive gaming experience by combining sound simulations, physics-based rendering and Scapes photo mode.

Despite teasing about the high quality gaming experience “Gran Turismo Sport” is going to offer its players, Eurogamer claims that without a specific date in mind for the release of the game is already worrying.

Eurogamer also reports that it’s a shame that Polyphony is delaying the stripped-back version of the usual “GT” game, but this is expected from the developer that is no stranger when it comes to delayed releases.

When it was announced, “Gran Turismo Sport” quickly attracted a lot of attention, since Polyphony revealed at the time that it was partnering with FIA in making a FIA Championship series that will be treated like real-life championships, CinemaBlend reported at the time of the “GT Sport” announcement.