Fox giveth and Fox taketh away.

Recently the network revealed the cancellation of a few of its shows — one being the quirky comedy “Grandfathered,” starring the ever-so-handsome John Stamos, the talented Paget Brewster and the hilarious Josh Peck. The show, which premiered in September 2015, followed the story of Jimmy (Stamos), a proud bachelor and successful restaurant owner, who learns not only that he has a 25-year-old kid named Gerald (Peck) but that his son also has a daughter ... making him a grandfather.

According to Deadline, the sweet family series pulled in average ratings, which is just one of the reasons why the cancellation came as a surprise to fans and the cast of the side-splitting sitcom alike.

“Proud of @Grandfathered,” Stamos, who also stars in Netflix’s “Fuller House,” reacted to the cancellation on Twitter. “A show that makes u feel good & brings the entire family together. The kind of TV I love & will continue to create.”

Peck shared a similar sentiment, telling fans that he appreciated their support and for tuning in every week to the Fox series, created by Daniel Chun.

Brewster also took to the social media platform to explain just how sad she was that “Grandfathered” was canceled — especially after thinking that it would be renewed for a sophomore installment. On Tuesday the actress tweeted that a certain scene was cut from the Season 1 finale. “Which makes me think WE MIGHT COME BACK IN A FEW MONTHS!! Thank you all!” she wrote in an optimistic tweet.

Stamos was also crossing his fingers for a second run. That’s why the finale was left with a bit of a cliffhanger.

“We left it cliffhangery enough for it to be interesting and also, whether we come back next year or not, we’ll be able to play it either way,” he told E! News.

But, unfortunately, “Grandfathered” will not be able to continue its story. Nor will “The Grinder,” “Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life” and “Bordertown,” three other Fox comedies that were axed after just one season.

After Fox announced which shows had been canceled, Stamos took to Twitter to share his feelings about network television:

Fans can still see Stamos on “Fuller House,” which was renewed by Netflix for a second season.