josh peck john stamos grandfathered
Josh Peck (right), pictured with John Stamos (left) at the 2015 FOX programming presentation on May 11, 2015 in New York City, dished what it was like to get cast as Stamos' son in "Grandfathered." Getty Images

Josh Peck must be floating on cloud nine! Not only is the former Nickelodeon actor set to star in the upcoming Fox comedy “Grandfathered,” but the 28-year-old New York native is also taking on a seriously drool-worthy role in the sitcom series created by Danny Chun: the son of John Stamos’s character Jimmy.

Yes, that’s right. Peck will portray Gerald on the series, the child of a bachelor and restaurant owner who learns in the pilot episode that he has a son -- and a granddaughter. “I play Gerald and Paget [Brewster] plays my mom (Sara) and it’s been the two of us my entire life because I have never met my father,” Peck told reporters during the 2015 ATX TV Festival.

“[Gerald is] sort of like a savant in many ways. He’s incredibly smart, really great at technical things, super pragmatic and logical but he sort of lacks imagination that is so inherent to John Stamos’ character,” Peck explained the differences between the vastly diverse father and son duo on “Grandfathered.”

In the series, Peck yearns for his dad (who he learns from his mother was a bit of a ladies man) after his failed attempt to woo his baby mama (played by Christina Milian). “I know I’m lacking all these things, and from what my mom tells me on the show my dad is this super charming, schmoozer guy and that’s what attracts me to him," he said.

Speaking of attractiveness, Peck revealed just how “unbelievable” it was that he was cast as the TV son of Stamos, who is an executive producer on the Fox series.

“Oh, I wanted to call up 13-year-old chubby Josh and be like everything’s going to work out just fine, brother,” he told the International Business Times with a laugh. “I would have had a lot less worries growing up had I known that I could have been semi-passable as John Stamos’ son.”

Peck went on to tell IBTimes that he grew up watching the chiseled-cheeked actor on "Full House." But it wasn't until he stepped into the world of Stamos did he realize the mesmerizing hold the suave actor had over fans. "Being around his… just being in his universe, when you mention him to other people you realize what a true household name this guy is,” Peck said, adding that Stamos is “sort of beloved by the whole world” -- especially moms!

"Like so many of my friends’ mom’s were like, ‘Yo, hook me up with Stamos. Let me come by set. Let me talk to him.’ So, it’s pretty awesome.”

"Grandfathered" will premiere during the 2015-16 television season on Fox.