Plenty of new information was shared about “Gravity Rush 2,” a unique game and a sequel to the original “Gravity Rush.” Sony revealed the details during a special livestream in Japan, where a remaster of the original “Gravity Rush” is going to be released soon.

One of the exciting facets of news with “Gravity Rush 2” is a brand new anime that will supposedly be in continuity of the games so far. The anime will take place between the first game and the upcoming sequel where players will be able to get to know the characters. Not much else was revealed about the anime, though a “very excellent” production company will supposedly be working on it.

As for the game itself, Siliconera stated that it would be a “lively experience,” which is on purpose as the game will try to break out of the “occluded” feeling of the Japanse gaming industry regarding this title. That seems apparent with the game’s trailer, with much brighter colors and a sense of awe when seeing it in action.

Characters from the previous game will be returning, though they won’t be playable this time around. Raven will be able to provide support and co-op attacks from time to time, but she won’t always be by the player’s side as the game progresses.

While it’s mostly a single-player experience, there is an interesting online element about the game. According to Destructoid players will be able to leave hints for each other, similar to the ever popular “Dark Souls” or “Bloodborne.”

Downloadable content (DLC) has also been confirmed for the game, with a promise that it will be “different” from the ones released for the first game. What the DLC is hasn’t been confirmed yet though, so fans will have to wait and see how different the DLC is.

It will be interesting to see if “Gravity Rush 2” becomes the hit that the publishers in Sony want it to be, especially with an anime on the way. Those same publishers want “Gravity Rush 2” to be remembered for a decade or so and fans will be able to play it on Feb. 2 on the PS4.

Gravity Rush 2 | TRAILER | #PlayStationPGW (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)