Sony is hoping its latest deal will entice players to hop onto its game streaming service. For a limited time starting Tuesday, PlayStation Now (PS Now) will be available as a 12-month subscription for $99.99.

For a little over $8 a month, owners of a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation TV as well as select Sony and Samsung televisions, can get access to hundreds of PlayStation 3 titles, such as “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” “The LEGO Movie Videogame” and “Mortal Kombat.” New games are added to the service on a regular basis. The annual subscription is a significant savings compared to existing subscription options -- one month for $19.99 ($239.88 per year) and three months for $44.99 ($179.96).

In addition to PlayStation 3 games, the PlayStation Now service is also compatible with local co-operative multiplayer and online multiplayer modes, as long as the game title supports it.

The caveat is since the games are streamed remotely from Sony’s servers, the quality of the service can depend on the speed of your Internet connection as well as which device you’re using with PlayStation Now. A broadband connection with speed of 5Mbps or higher makes for the best performance, according to Sony’s website. Players who would rather test-drive the service first can do so through a seven-day free trial through the PlayStation Store. But keep in mind that Sony will charge free trial subscribers for a one-month plan if it’s not cancelled before its expiration date.

For players who don't care about having a buffet of games, PlayStation Now also offers rentals for individual titles without the need for a subscription. Rental prices can vary based on game title and rental duration.

Sony launched the PlayStation Now as a closed beta service in the U.S. in 2014, followed by a full rollout to North America and Japan in 2015.