The Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers received their rings on Thursday and it's a doozy, made of platinum, with 18-karat yellow gold, weighing in at 116 grams, and covered in diamonds.

The NFL pays up to $5,000 per ring for 150 rings, but the team or players pay the difference for a more expensive ring on their own.  The Packers did not disclose the exact value of the ring. 

Prominent on the ring is the G logo cast in 18-karat yellow gold placed on a green stone tablet and surrounded by 13 diamonds.  The 13 diamonds represents 13 NFL championships the Packers have won.

Surrounding the crest of the ring are 92 more diamonds to represent the 92 year history of the organization.

In total, the ring checks in at a whopping 3.35 carats of diamond. 

Featured in the ring is a prominent 1 alongside with the Packer's season mantra Mind, Goal, Purpose, and Heart.

Also inscribed in the ring are the scores of all the playoff games the Packers won and the opponents they beat. 

The Packers were even able to include a sketch of Lambeau Field on one shoulder of the ring.

Each player also gets their rings personalized with their name and number next to the Lombardi trophy. 

The victory in Super Bowl XLV was a great achievement for the organization. Jostens has done a fantastic job of capturing the excitement of the win for everyone at the Packers, said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. The ring also symbolizes the Packers' championship tradition in excellent fashion.

The Packers received their rings in a special private ceremony on Thursday night at Lambeau Field.  Due to the NFL lockout, the Packers received a special exception from the NFL to have the ceremony. 

Photo of the ring: click here

Charles Woodson shows off his ring: click here