The poor response at the box office has not fazed the makers of the much hyped about movie Green Lantern. Warner Bros and DC comics are talking about a return of the green crusader, a report in said.

The film opened at a decent $52 million but the second week of the movie saw its collections dropping by around 67 per cent. Considering that most animation comic movies routinely see a downturn after opening week, a nearly 67 per cent downfall seems a bit high. The studio's president of domestic distribution claims the movie is settling in and points out that the drop of fanboy films can often be high.

Estimates put the Green Lantern garnering around $135 million from domestic box office, a little low for a movie which cost more than $200 million. The international showing of the movie has also been very lukewarm.

The film’s reviews say that the movie was not adapted enough for the big screen. As the review puts it, the movie needs a different handling. A Lantern sequel just doesn't need a young, creative director who knows how to handle a big visual effects movie, but a filmmaker who actually cares about the property. Jon Favreau's affection for Iron Man is in every frame of that film. Matthew Vaughn's love for the X-Men is more than evident in X-Men: First Class.” The movie was directed by Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale.

For Warner Bros, Green Lantern was supposed to be the next big thing after the Harry Porter series. Talking about a Green Lantern franchise makes perfect business sense. Will the film go in multi- character mode with some of the Justice League colleagues making an appearance? Or will Ryan Reynolds return in a stand-alone movie with a better script and in a different environment altogether?