We hope Meredith wasn’t too attached to her rug, because it’s about to become the place where April gives birth in the Season 12 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In a sneak-peek video for episode 24, titled “Family Affair,” it’s revealed that April (Sarah Drew) will be forced to relinquish her duties as Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) best (wo)man when an even greater task is bestowed upon her — delivering her child.

“Maybe we should take this party over to the hospital,” Ben (Jason George) says to the expecting mother when he learns just how close together April’s contractions are. But April has a different idea of how she wants to welcome her second child into the world … and it doesn’t involve pushing in the back seat of Ben’s car.

“We figure my contractions are close together, plus traffic, plus the rain, plus I don’t know … a tree in the road — I’m saying that between your car and this house with heat, running water, blankets, I’m going to stay here. I’m going to have this baby right here,” she tells Ben, who is quite skeptical of April delivering a baby in the middle of Owen and Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) wedding ceremony.

“Ben, come on … It’s having a baby — at home! People have done it in caves! My mom did it once in a barn, I think?” she tries to make a case for why he should help her deliver in Meredith’s house. And according to the synopsis of the Season 12 finale, it sounds like Ben will reluctantly roll up his sleeves to help welcome April’s child into the world … even though he’s been suspended from practicing.

In a previous episode, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) suspended Ben from Grey Sloan Memorial after he went against protocol, resulting in the death of a mother and her child. Ben told his wife that he did what he needed to do in order to try to save their lives — even if it was risqué. But Bailey slammed her gavel down and told her husband to hang up his scrubs.

Perhaps Ben’s suspension is what causes him to approach April’s home delivery with such caution. After all, another risky procedure could cause him to lose his license for good. But Ben couldn’t argue with the expecting mother — especially as she moaned in pain — so he calls an ambulance to Meredith’s house and prepares for delivery.

This has us wondering why April didn’t call Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) or Alex (Justin Chambers) to help deliver her child? After all, they are pediatric surgeons, and they haven’t been banned from operating at the hospital!

“Grey’s Anatomy” will air its Season 12 finale on Thursday, May 19, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.