Cristina Yang might no longer be saving lives at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but that doesn’t mean the curly-haired surgeon isn’t capable of causing chaos among our favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” doctors.

According to TVLine, Cristina (Sandra Oh), who left for a new job in Switzerland at the end of Season 10, will manage to cause trouble for ex-husband Owen (Kevin McKidd) and his bride-to-be Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) in the Season 12 finale of ABC’s hit series. No, that doesn’t mean Cristina will make a conference call in the middle of Owelia’s wedding ceremony to object their union. But her absence will inspire Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to stir up trouble in connection with the couple’s “love day.”

“She still feels like she’s Owen’s guardian,” McKidd revealed, adding that Meredith takes this role “very seriously. She still has that allegiance to Cristina, so she has some issues with [the marriage].”

Viewers got a taste of Meredith’s disapproval when she called her sister-in-law out in episode 23 for attempting to take the place of both Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Cristina. She accused Amelia of snagging Derek’s job and his role as a father to her children while insinuating that Amelia was trying to steal Cristina’s former spouse. And according to a promotional video for episode 24, titled “Family Affair,” it looks like Meredith’s harsh words may have given Amelia chills and a pair of cold feet.

A trailer for the season finale reveals that Amelia locks herself in her sister’s bathroom on the day of her wedding. But was it Meredith who caused Amelia to second-guess her marriage?

Scorsone dished that her character’s family will also add fuel to the fire when they arrive for the ceremony, resulting in Amelia’s wedding day blues. “She was gung ho to go for it, but the morning of the wedding, she’s not getting the celebration and the party that she thought she’d get by becoming this adult who’s getting married,” the actress told TVLine. “So she’s disappointed and feeling very betrayed.”

Will Amelia allow others to dictate whether she’ll get married? McKidd teased on Twitter that he’s excited to watch Owen get hitched:

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