Things are about to get real ugly for Arizona and Callie — and fans are getting a sneak-peek look at the nastiness set to occur in the forthcoming Season 12 installment of  the hit ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In a promo video for episode 21, titled “You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side,” Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) has an emotional break down in her car — one that causes her to rethink her legal case against Callie (Sara Ramirez). In the previous episode, Arizona decided to fight for custody of her daughter after Callie tried to whisk Sofia (Eva Ariel Binder) away across the country. But Arizona feels like her chances of keeping her daughter in Seattle are slim to none.

“I just want to lie down. I should because I’m going to lose this case,” Arizona says to Weber (James Pickens Jr.). “I am putting up a losing fight that’s just going to hurt Sofia. And it’s going to end up with me losing my little girl anyway because that woman is watching me be a terrible doctor and a terrible mother, which maybe I am. Today I feel like both.”

But Weber, who has had his fair share of family drama, urges Arizona to keeping on fighting like she never fought before.

“You’re going to have to stand up for yourself and believe you deserve it,” he says in the video. “Do you want to lie down? You don’t get to.”

And Arizona will need all the strength and encouraging speeches she can get because according to the synopsis for the forthcoming episodes, Calzona’s friends are going to get dragged into the middle of their drama.

In a clip from the upcoming episode, Callie tries to get Alex (Justin Chambers) to take the stand during the custody battle on her behalf.

“I need someone who knows me and my kid. Someone who people trust with kids and, well, you’ve known me…” she begins. “I also know that you have a relationship with Arizona.”

Callie will also go to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) for help while Arizona will seek aid from April (Sarah Drew). Talk about a Grey Sloan showdown! Who do you think will win custody over Sofia?

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.