Ben, you have some explaining to do …

During the upcoming, two-hour “Grey’s Anatomy” event, Ben (Jason George) will find himself in some seriously hot water after opting to go against Grey Sloan Memorial’s protocol.

The forthcoming Season 12 installment of the hit ABC show, which will feature both episode 18, titled “There’s a Fine, Fine Line,” and episode 19, “It’s  Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding),” will reveal how Bailey (Chandra Wilson) reacts to her husband’s impulsive actions at work.

According to the synopsis for the upcoming episode, Ben will make the risky decision to perform an emergency C-section on a patient in the middle of a Grey Sloan hallway after the hospital goes into lock down. The resident explains to Alex (Justin Chambers) that the bold choice was necessary in attempting to save both the mother and the baby’s life.

“You have to understand — I would have lost them both,” Ben says to Alex.

“Well, now we might anyway,” Alex responds, hinting that the mother of the child might not have benefited from the hallway slice and dice.

This isn’t the first time Ben has performed a dangerous surgery. In a previous “Grey’s Anatomy” episode he sliced open a patient with a clipboard. Bailey suspended her husband from work for three days for his actions — revealing that if the patient died from the impromptu surgery then Ben could have received an even graver punishment.

Now it looks like the Chief of Surgery will have no choice but to back up her original warning in the upcoming episode.

“Dr. Warren, I need to speak with you privately,” she says only to have him respond that he wants to stay close by to assist Karev with the baby. But Bailey reveals to her husband she wasn’t asking and commands him to follow her.

Will Ben’s impulsive actions cost him his job? In the two-hour installment, Bailey will sit in front of an advisory committee to discuss just that as she recommends a “proper disciplinary action” for the insubordinate resident.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.