Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) will have her hands full in Season 12, episode 14 of “Grey’s Anatomy.” According to the synopsis for the upcoming ABC installment, titled “Odd Man Out,” the pediatric surgeon will take on a risky case involving a patient who is pregnant with quadruplets … or, at least, that’s what the expectant mother thinks.

“It’s quadruplets, right?” Ben (Jason George) asks the alarming question while giving the patient an ultrasound. “I’m looking and, it’s probably just me, but I can only find three babies in here,” the resident adds, after ordering an intern to promptly page Arizona.

So, how can a baby just suddenly disappear from a womb? Well, Arizona will be tasked with uncovering the jaw-dropping case in the upcoming episode. But until Arizona does solve the mystery of the missing fetus, we have a theory of our own of what might have happened.

According to, there is a condition call Vanishing Twin Syndrome, which was first recognized in 1945. The disorder involves a child disappearing from the uterus during a pregnancy due to a miscarriage. The fetal tissue is than absorbed by the other twin(s) in the womb, placenta or by the mother, making it appear as though the fetus had “vanished.”

When the expectant mother hears from Ben that one of her four babies had “disappeared” from her womb, she’s taken back and immediately shuts her laptop. The Grey Sloan patient was previously elbow deep in filing her client’s paperwork during the most hectic time of year for an accountant — tax season. But the potential loss of her baby truly puts things into perspective of what’s important. Is it possible stress from work could have led to the disappearance of her baby?

According to Parents magazine, stress, such as tight deadlines or hectic schedules, haven’t been linked to pregnancy loss. A physician told the outlet that extraordinary stress, like the death of a spouse or parent, could potentially lead to a miscarriage, but even that hasn’t been fully proven.

Tune in to “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC to find out what happened to the missing baby.