Looks like April’s (Sarah Drew) floundering marriage will be the least of her worries when “Grey’s Anatomy” airs its upcoming Season 12 installment Thursday. According to a sneak peek video of episode 2, titled “Walking Tall,” April will encounter a mysterious rash on her back -- one that will cause Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) wife to be put into an isolation bubble.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is the one who first notices the red, splotchy patches on April as the doctor begins dressing for her shift -- her first since she left for her three-month military stint in Jordan.

“What the hell is that? On your back?” Arizona screams as she reaches for a surgical mask to protect herself from whatever disease April may be carrying.

The next thing the feverish doctor knows, she’s being locked away in a bubble so that she can’t infect anyone else with her mysterious disease.

“I have a rash. It’s a stupid rash. You’re completely overreacting,” April says to Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who orders April to be locked away. But Bailey responds that she’s not willing to take any chances during her first day as chief of surgery -- a gig she was awarded in the Season 12 premiere of the hit ABC medical drama.

“Kepner, you have liaisons, a cough, a fever. You were in the Middle East!” Bailey states, adding that the redheaded doc can come out of confinement when her sickness is diagnosed. “This is my first day running this place," Bailey says. "There will be no epidemics today!”

Just then, Jackson makes his way over to Bailey and Arizona, and begins to theorize just what type of disease his wife has picked up while overseas.

“Any concerns about MERS?” he asks, wondering if April could have been infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome.

But Bailey is confident they can cure April of whatever virus is lurking inside of her. “This stops with Patient Zero!” the new chief proclaims as she walks away.

Could this potentially threatening disease bring April and Jackson closer together? In the season premiere episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Jackson made it clear that he wasn’t exactly excited for his wife to return home -- especially after she chose to re-enlist in the army rather than stay home with him -- the subject of an ultimatum he gave her in the Season 11 finale. But perhaps the thought of potentially losing his wife could make him re-evaluate his anger.

Do you think April and Jackson will rekindle their relationship in Season 12, episode 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy”? It's set to air Thursday, Oct. 1, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.