The synopsis for episode 23 of “Grey’s Anatomy” promised a shocking hookup and two jaw-dropping proposals. But the summary for the Season 12 installment said nothing about the tear-jerking moments. (Yes, we needed a tissue or two.)

Thursday's installment of the hit ABC series, titled “At Last,” begins with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) walking into work, only to find Owen (Kevin McKidd) selling his trailer. He explains to Mer that Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is the one who inspired him to ditch the mobile bachelor pad for a grownup house. So, he obliged.

But that’s not the only “adult” move Owen made in episode 23. During surgery, Owen asks Amelia to help him decorate his new home. The conversation takes an interesting turn, however, when Owen mentions a big yard that children could play in one day.

“What just happened?” Maggie (Kelly McCreary) asks when she overhears the two talking about their thoughts on marriage. “Are you engaged now?” Amelia swears they were speaking hypothetically and begs her sisters to drop the conversation, which Meredith replies, “Gladly.”

That response throws Amelia off, so she asks her sister if she’s rushing into her relationship with Owen. But Meredith pleads the Fifth — she has no interest in discussing Amelia’s love life. Meredith continues to bottle up her feelings about Amelia until they explode later on in the episode at an extremely crucial moment.

Meanwhile, Kyle (Wilmer Valderrama) was readmitted to Grey Sloan Memorial in a previous episode and now the musician will undergo an operation — a very dangerous one with an 80 percent fatality rate. This terrifies Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), who recently broke up with him, because she still has feelings for the artist.

Before Kyle is wheeled into surgery, he and Stephanie share a sweet moment together. Stephanie wants to discuss the surgery, which she says Amelia will ace, but all Kyle wants to talk about is their future. The suave musician tells Stephanie that he wants her to join him on his European tour. But she replies that she’s a “surgeon, not a groupie,” before teasing that she’d love to throw her bra on stage during one of his shows.

Kyle can’t help but laugh at the thought of the surgeon going wild, but brings the conversation to a serious note when he tells her not to say such things if she doesn’t mean them. She proves just how serious she is when she lays a kiss on him, moments before Jo (Camilla Luddington) comes in to bring him into surgery.

Amelia is confident she’s going to come out on top during this surgery. In fact, she’s practically walking on air after playing house with Owen. But Meredith brings her back down to Earth when she tells her sister-in-law what exactly her problem with her is.

“You’re trying to do my husband’s job,” Meredith says, adding that she’s also trying to marry her best friend’s ex-husband. “Get your own life.”

After Meredith’s anything-but-pep talk, Amelia walks into surgery with her tail between her legs. The lack of confidence affects the surgery, resulting in Kyle's death — a tragic demise that Stephanie watches from the observing room above.

“We tried everything we could,” she tells Stephanie after the surgery. “It was too far gone. I’m so sorry.”

But Stephanie has nothing to say to her.

That wasn’t the only emotional scene of the episode. Fans watched as Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) continued their fight over custody of their daughter, which resulted in Arizona pulling rank over her ex and Callie breaking up with Penny (Samantha Sloyan).

Callie blames Penny for losing custody of her daughter. After all, if Callie had not made plans to move with Penny across the country the custody battle never would have taken place … and she would not have lost the fight to Arizona.

Fans did receive the shocking hookup and two proposals they were waiting for at the very end of the episode. In one of the final scenes of the Thursday installment, Alex (Justin Chambers) confronts Jo about the engagement ring that’s collecting dust in his dresser.

“Jo, I’m ready to get married. … I’m not scared of being committed to you. I’m done waiting,” he says to her.

“Alex, I can’t. I’m so sorry but no,” she says proving that “jaw-dropping” was in fact the right word to describe this particular proposal. But not everyone got shot down in episode 23. When Amelia pays Owen’s home a visit, she begins to have a sense of clarity. She doesn’t want to waste anymore time — she wants to get married ... to Owen ... now. Perhaps Kyle’s untimely demise sparked her urgency, but her boldness only intrigues Owen. He accepts her marriage proposal.

However, it was the final moment of episode 23 that left us with jaws agape and wide eyes. In the parking lot, Meredith gets called out by Riggs (Nathan Henderson) for the real reason she’s upset with Amelia.

“I can see why Owen hates you,” she barks back, igniting the bitter feud between the two. But their heated argument quickly — and unexpectedly —  turns into a steamy makeout session.

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