Wedding bells are in the air for two Grey Sloan Memorial couples. But which ones? The “Grey’s Anatomy” promo video for the coming Season 12 installment teases that viewers will see “one shocking hookup and two jaw-dropping proposals” during episode 23, titled “At Last.”

So, who will be popping the question on Thursday night? Well, the cast of the hit ABC series teased who might be getting engaged in episode 23. Kevin McKidd, who portrays Owen, dished to TVLine that his character and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will take a “huge step” in the episode — a leap that will have the two asking the question: “What is the future for us?” And we have a feeling their future might involve a white wedding!

But Owen and Amelia aren’t the only duo who could potentially be tying the knot. The synopsis for “At Last” revealed that Alex (Justin Chambers) will “gain some clarity on his future with Jo (Camilla Luddington)” on Thursday. In a previous episode, Alex had asked Jo to marry him. But she neglected to give him an answer ... that is, until now!

Luddington told Entertainment Weekly that she thinks “it’s a long time coming for Jo to finally answer that question.”

“That ring has been in a box in a drawer for I don’t know how many months now,” she said. “I’m surprised it almost hasn’t come up yet. It is time for Jo to finally answer the question and clarify where they stand in their relationships.”

While Jo and Alex seem a shoo-in to be one of the couples planning a wedding date, Japril shippers are hoping Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) will surprise audiences by deciding to rekindle their relationship. During an interview with TV Guide in February, Drew confessed that she is also remaining hopeful that the scrub-sporting duo will get back together following their messy and emotional divorce.

“I always, always, always hold out hope for Japril. I think there's always hope,” she said, adding that “there's always hope as long as they're both still breathing.”

Which couples do you think will be getting engaged during Season 12, episode 23, of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Sound off in the comments section below. The next installment airs Thursday, May 12, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.