Groupon Getaways is officially up and running as of Monday night.

The partnership between online coupon company Groupon and online travel agency Expedia was predicted to offer some of the best deals online for vacationers.

During the announcement at the D9: All Things Digital conference over a month ago, Groupon chief executive Andrew Mason said, We're excited to tap into Expedia's vast network of world-class travel providers, delivering unmatched exposure to them while offering a wonderful service to millions of our subscribers.

An Expedia spokesman added, Groupon is the clear leader in daily deals and brings the expertise that goes with that to the partnership. Expedia offers travel expertise, inventory and relationships with hoteliers and other suppliers.

The joint project, Groupon Getaways, features discounts from among the more than 135,000 hotels worldwide that already work with Expedia.  The site will offer deals mostly on hotels initially, but plans to expand with coupons for package deals, airline tickets, car rentals, cruises and destination activities in the coming weeks.

Like other Groupon deals, Groupon Getaways members can buy a travel voucher that can be redeemed within a certain period - typically a year, but based on availability - without committing to a vacation date.  Deals are available for about a week and the main difference between Expedia's ASAP deals on its own site is that the Groupon Getaway deals do not require costumers to lock in a date at the time of purchase.

Critics point out that while Groupon offers deals like an $89 weeknight stay at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas (at a 55% discount), the Palms is also selling an $89 deal on its own website.

There are a dozen offers available online right now.  Most are for North American locations, but there is one voucher for a Tahitian vacation and one Resort and Spa in Antigua.

You can see all the deals at Groupon Getaways new site.