The updated "Grand Theft Auto 5" travelogue now includes three new sections, one of which is entitled "Security & Peace of Mind" that gives "GTA 5" fans some insight into what they should expect from in-game cops and law enforcement officials.

There's one part of the "Security & Peace of Mind" section that may be referring to a real-world incident of police brutality and animal cruelty. Here's what we're talking about:


Now for a summary of the real-world incident we're talking about:

YouTube video of a California man recording police activity surfaced earlier this summer. Long story short: the man was filming policy activity that was occurring near him. He had a large Rottweiler with him on a leash, who he eventually led away to his car. Police then approached the man and began to search him. The dog jumped out of the man's car and approached the man and cops, but the animal didn't attack anyone. Police responded by shooting the dog several times.

Below is footage of the real-life incident, which includes video of the owner's dog being shot. WARNING: the footage is very graphic in nature, and isn't safe for work. View at your own caution.

We can't help but think that Rockstar Games and "GTA 5" are attempting to bring attention to this incident of policy brutality and animal cruelty by telling the story of a nearly identical incident on the game's site.

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