Are jetpacks coming to “GTA 5"? Some users believe so.

Last weekend, se7ensins forum user Chr0m3 x MoDz was poring through update 1.12 and uncovered strings of text in the action-adventure game’s code that mention a jetpack, a feature that isn’t currently available in the 2013 open-world title. Sure, this could be an outdated reference that was decided against during the development stage, but the post claims these references didn’t exist before Rockstar’s 1.12 update.

jetpack Forum post showing strings of text that convey the ability to use jetpacks. Photo: Courtesy/se7ensins/user/Chr0m3 x Modz

Some users hope the ability to use a jetpack could be a part of an upcoming DLC launch or expansion pack. 2004’s “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” allowed users to fly around using a jetpack, so it makes sense for 2013's "GTA 5" to give users the same feature.

jetpack A player using the jet pack in 2004's "GTA: San Andreas." Photo: Courtesy/Rockstar

On April 2, New York-based developer Rockstar announced that new updates for “Grand Theft Auto Online” were coming soon. Among those updates was the long-awaited High Life Update, which will allow players to own new high-end apartments, buy new wardrobes and manage multiple properties. Though Rockstar promised players these updates were coming sometime this spring, no actual release date was announced.

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