Multiple "Grand Theft Auto 5" Easter eggs have been discovered in less than a day since the game's release on Tuesday.

The "Grand Theft Auto 5" map below points out the general locations of where you could find multiple "GTA 5" Easter eggs, which include the location of an Alien base, areas where you're likely to experience a Bigfoot sighting, and much more.

"GTA 5" Easter Egg Map


According to the above "GTA 5" map, an Alien base is located somewhere at the extreme northwest corner. The map also indicates that you could find Bigfoot in one of two general areas: north/northwest of Los Santos and east of what appears to be an airport. Another Bigfoot sighting location is northeast of Los Santos.

EDIT - Bigfoot Found:  Apparently, Bigfoot has been discovered by at least one intrepid gamer. Check out this Youtube video if you want to see for yourself.

If you head directly east of Los Santos, you may encounter "Deer-man," according to the above map. In the mood for a close encounter of the third kind? Head to the extreme northeast portion of the land mass included in "GTA 5" and you could spot a UFO there. Finally, if you're up for a deep sea adventure, the map indicates that the waters directly east of Los Santos County landmass could contain such beasts.

Note that the above Easter egg locations have yet to be substantiated, according to These are unconfirmed Easter eggs, so your mileage may vary.

"GTA 5" Illuminati Easter Egg?

An intrepid "GTA 5" player discovered what may be multiple references to aliens, alien life and the existence or influence of the Illuminati within the game. There's also an achievement, hidden symbols and a message that instructs the player to collect 50 spaceship parts and to "come back once your story is complete," implying that the full Easter egg can't be found until you beat the game. Check out the photo and video below to see and judge for yourself.


"GTA 5" Special Edition Map UV Secret Messages

The map that comes with "GTA 5" Special Edition includes hidden messages which can only be revealed with a UV light. The messages contain cryptic references to Aliens, Buzzer and Lazer aircraft, and what seem to be a set of instructions for the player to bring $500,000 to a specific part of the "GTA 5" map.

The instructions say:

"T.P.E. - Trevor Philips Enterprises.

Weaponry, narcotics, intimidation and casual wear.

Lago Zan Cudo.

Great Ocean, Highway north,

through north Chumash,

0.5 miles past Raton Canyon.

When guard rail ends,

follow the dirt road down the docks.

Bring $500,000 cash."

Check out the photos below


"GTA 5" Frozen Alien Body?

The video below also walks you through a "GTA 5" Alien encounter you can experience for yourself. Where are Mulder and Scully when you need them?

"GTA 5" Alien Ship

This image below shows what appears to be a sunken alien ship. Indeed, the truth is out there ... in "GTA 5."


How to flip the bird in "GTA 5"

Feeling particularly surly and unfriendly? You can choose to flip people off while you're driving a car, according to IGN. To flip the bird, select Unarmed and press L1 for the PS3 version, which should translate to LB for the Xbox 360 version.

How to fall on your rear/pratfall

In order to fall on your bottom in "GTA 5" for PS3, press Square to jump and press Circle while you're in mid-air, according to In the Xbox 360 version, this button combination translates to X for jumping and B for falling down on your posterior.

How to find the parachute

So you want to be able to fall peacefully down to earth while jumping at high altitudes, but you don't want to just enter the cheat code to give yourself the parachute. (In case you do want the cheat code, you'll find it here for Xbox 360 and here for PS3) Well, there's another way to go about finding the parachute. Here's how, according to

If you go to the top of Mount Chiliad, you'll find the parachute on a gray wire platform next to a cable car.

"GTA 4" Easter Egg

You can find "GTA 4" characters Brucie Kibbutz and Packie McReary on Bleeber, which is the "GTA 5" equivilent of Twitter. Using Franklin, you can help out with a heist. Once you do, you'll have a "GTA 4" character as one of your crewmembers.

"GTA 2" and "GTA 3" Easter Egg

The Z-Type car, which was featured in "Grand Theft Auto 2" and "Grand Theft Auto 3" returns in "Grand Theft Auto 5" as a vehicle that you'll be asked to steal when playing as Franklin at one point. In "GTA 2," The Z-Type car was used by the gta 5  In "GTA 3," the Z-Type was regarded as a luxury vehicle.

Pee Wee Herman Easter Egg

While doing a Barry mission, there will be a point where you'll be fighting clowns. The music that plays during this fight is the same music that plays in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" during the clown scene in the movie.

L.A. Noire Easter Egg

Elysian Fields Co. is a construction company in L.A. Noire, another game made by Rockstar. Elysian also appears in "GTA 5" as well, and can be found in Los Santos.

Get Michael a Driver

If you play as Michael, you could get one of his family members to be his personal driver. First, go to Michael's house and just stick around his garage. Sooner or later, one of Michael's family members will say that they're about to go out. Follow the family member and enter the passenger's side of the car at the exact same time that the family member enters the driver's side. Michael's family member will now drive you around.

What do you think of these "GTA 5" Easter eggs? Which of these Easter eggs have you found? Are there any Easter eggs you've found in "GTA 5" that few know about? If so, please share them in the comments below.