“Grand Theft Auto 5’s” online release was one of the most anticipated releases and fans were sorely disappointed when the game did not work properly. Many took to Twitter to complain, while others shared silly memes to express their frustration over the “GTA” online flub.

Some of the memes were simple: a confused face with a single line that expressed the grief.

Others were a little more dramatic. One photo shows a man walking off a clip, and the Twitter user gave the description: “GTA Online not working.”

Selfies even got thrown into the mix. “I've been trying 5 hours to get online GTA 5. It's not working,” one user wrote, with the hashtag #SadFace.

Some people even shed tears over the game not working properly.

While there are users who were able to install the update without issue, others have had the game freeze and have had a tough time creating avatars, which is supposed to be one of the most exciting new features. The online version of the game should be able to hold up to 16 players, but Joystiq.com wrote that some users were essentially unable to use the game on single-player mode.

Further, some of the weapons are missing and the story mode does not properly progress; these are errors that Rockstar Games acknowledges.

Twitter can’t stop talking about the problems they are having with “GTA” online. It’s been a hot topic ever since the game's release on Tuesday morning. But while plenty thought they would be fascinated with the game, very few predicted they would be frustrated.

Before the game launched, the company wrote in a blog that there might be some problems with the online version of “Grand Theft Auto,” but didn’t specify whether the issues are actually worse than expected. Rockstar Games has told fans that the glitches will eventually be fixed, and promised that the online game will continue to evolve in the future.