It’s rumored that Rockstar’s next update for “Grand Theft Auto Online” may launch for the open world action game on Veterans Day, or Tuesday, Nov. 11. Update 1.17 may contain new military-themed downloadable content known as "DLC", according to leaked source code.

“I can see the DLC coming out on Veterans Day, which is gonna fall on a Tuesday, a day we get DLC, and that’s gonna fall on Nov. 11,” “GTA Online” fanatic and expert Domislive, or Dominic C. said. “I can see a lot of things coming soon, like the dog tags, the animations, the Hydra.”

The source code shows nine army face paints becoming available once the army DLC is downloaded. A Hydra jet is also included, alongside vertical flight mode and the possibility of a helicopter.

Rockstar’s last “GTA Online” update, the San Andreas Flight School Event update, launched on Aug. 19 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The update contained flight training, low-flying challenges and combat maneuvering.

No word on whether heists will be part of update 1.17. The feature was not included in Rockstar’s most recent downloadable content. It's now August, and the highly anticipated heists feature, which was promised earlier this spring, is still nowhere to be found. Some players believe the developer will wait until the PC, Xbox One and PS4 launches of "GTA 5" to release heists, though Rockstar hasn't confirmed this.