Rockstar Games has teased a "Grand Theft Auto 5" themed car on their page. Check out the teaser image of the "GTA 5" car below.


Rockstar has announced that the car, dubbed the 2013 GTAV Bravado Banshee, will be a collaboration between Rockstar Games and West Coast Customs. West Coast Customs customizes all types of cars, including sports cars, SUVs and much more.

Details on how to get the 2013 GTAV Bravado Banshee are not available at this point, but Rockstar has said that anyone interested in getting their hands on this custom ride should "stay tuned." When the details become available, we'll bring them to you ASAP. We're pretty sure that the 2013 GTAV Bravado Banshee will look pretty nice, but we're also pretty sure that you'll have to be a high roller if you want to grab one.

"GTA 5" is set to be released on September 17 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Would you get the 2013 GTAV Bravado Banshee? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.