Rockstar Games is holding a special weekend for “GTA Online” starting this Friday. To celebrate its latest Business Update DLC, the New York City-based developer is hosting the Business Weekend Social Club Online Event, a gaming experience that will allow users to earn more RP, special bonuses and “GTA” cash.

The event will also feature special live streams, new vehicles and contests. It will begin on March 7 and end on March 9.

More details can be found below via Rockstar’s Newswire.

Get yourself a sharp suit, a fast car and a pair of shoes made from the skin of a cobra: it's time for some capitalism punishment in the Business Weekend Social Club Online Event, this Friday March 7th through Sunday March 9th.

High-end cars and rarefied recreational activities are on the menu, featuring a diverse portfolio of in-game benefits like bonus RP and GTA$ payouts for Land Races and Air Races respectively - and high powered weapons literally falling from the sky in Event Crate Drops all weekend. Also, there'll be chances to score rare GTAV gear in the Social Club Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes and in-game GTA$1M and the exclusive 'BUSINESS' vanity plate in the #BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest. There'll also be special Event Weekend live-stream broadcasts starting this Friday afternoon with the official Rockstar show, featuring special guests and fun with the new plane, cars, guns and Jobs included in The Business Update - and continuing throughout the weekend with featured guest streams to be announced hosted by some notable Crews on YouTube and Twitch.


Acquire the new blazing fast sports cars, Vestra aircraft, and powerful weaponry that are now available in The Business Update, and also reap special in-game rewards and bonuses right through the weekend including:

50% more RP in all Land Races, providing the ideal opportunity to open up that brand new Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.

50% higher GTA$ payouts in all Air Races - a frequent flyer bonus for those who thrive in the skies of Los Santos.

High Priority Vehicle - Simeon has spotted a rush in demand for company cars and has put the call out for Ocelot Jackals this weekend. Wait for his text, grab the car and fight your way back to the docks for a nice GTA$ boost.

Event Crate Drops - Bonus Event Crate Drops will be falling from the skies regularly in the Downtown Los Santos financial district as well as around the airfields of Los Santos and Blaine County. This weekend, the Crates will be stuffed with RPGs, Miniguns, Sticky Bombs and more RP than ever - with up to 8000RP in every Crate.


Tag your best shots between now and end of day Sunday with #BUSINESS showing off your most creative, most awesome, and most beautifully composed moments featuring any of the new cars, guns, aircraft, gear or Jobs from The Business Update. We'll pick five (5) favorites to award GTA$1M in in-game financial dividends as well as the exclusive 'BUSINESS' in-game vanity license plate so you can always roll around Los Santos like a boss.


We'll be kicking off the weekend with this Friday's official Rockstar live stream broadcast from 4-6pm ET with two hours of mayhem, hijinks, and playthroughs of the new Business Update Jobs and gear - hosted by Rockstar and featuring special invited on-stream guests including our friend, Twitch broadcaster Swiftor. We'll be streaming across the Social Club Multiplayer Events page, the Rockstar Games channel and the Rockstar YouTube channel. Tune in and join us in the hosted chat at Twitch and Social Club as well.

The Business Event Weekend live-stream action will continue throughout Saturday and Sunday with some special featured streams hosted by some of the biggest Crews on Twitch and YouTube featuring:

Garrett Sutton (aka RedRobinz) of the JoblessGamers Crew

    Streaming at 4PM ET on Saturday March 8th and Sunday March 9th

DomIsLive of the Devastation Crew

    Streaming at 3PM ET on Saturday March 8th

HikeTheGamer of the LANDED IT Crew:

    Streaming at 3PM ET on Saturday March 8th and Sunday March 9th