It didn't take long for GTA fans to uncover some of the many secrets in “Grand Theft Auto V.” Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated new edition was just released, and fans have discovered a hidden message within the blueprint map included in the special edition of “GTA V,” which can be viewed under a black light.

Reddit user November17R3 provided the photos that led to the “GTA V” Easter egg. According to the user, the blueprint map of Los Santos and Blaine County contains instructions to bring $500,000. According to users, the message reads, “T.P.E - Trevor Philips Enterprises. Weaponry, narcotics, intimidation and casual wear. Lago Zan Cudo. Great Ocean, Highway north, through north Chumash, 0.5 miles past Raton Canyon. When guard rail ends, follow the dirt road down the docks. Bring $500,000 cash.” But the search by users has turned up no results.


There is plenty of reason to investigate the “GTA V” map, as Rockstar Games confirming the existence of such an Easter egg in a Q&A prior to the game’s release. According to Rockstar, “The blueprint map in the other editions does contain plenty of additional information and secrets on it.”

There have been hundreds of comments on the Reddit thread, with users updating their progress and confirming the existence of hidden text on the “GTA V” blueprint map. With the news of one “GTA V” secret already on the Internet, the map was subject to further investigation using a black-light pen.


The hidden messages found on the “GTA V” map were also confirmed by IGN. In addition to the instructions, the “GTA V” map includes references to aliens and a dock that’s available for purchase.