“Grand Theft Auto V” players can imbibe the Halloween spirit this week with the spooky vehicles and items that are releasing this Friday. Rockstar Games is reportedly launching its 2016 Halloween DLC that will bring back some of the famous items from last year’s “GTA Online” Halloween lineup.

Last year, players were treated with an in-game Halloween Surprise that saw the release of creepy and horrifying cars and masks. For example, players got the chance to use the Lurcher Hurse and Franken Stange vehicles last year. Rockstar also launched a new Halloween mask category, spooky face paint options and 20 ghoulish bobbleheads at the time. So this year, players can expect the same vehicles and items to be available for download.

Aside from the spooktacular DLC from the previous Halloween Surprise, players can also expect new items to pop up this time of the year. GameSpot has learned that a new LCC Sanctus version is set to make an appearance in the game this Friday. The new version of the motorcycle now features a red-eyed skull up front.

According to Bloody Disgusting, players can also take part in the new Lost vs. Damned mode that will arrive in time for Halloween. This mode is described as a classic battle between good and evil, so players will witness Devils and Angels rage war against each other in this mode.

Making this new mode interesting is the day/night cycle that takes its course every 60 seconds. The time difference gives advantages to either side of the battle. When it’s nighttime, the Devils get the upper hand since their Armor, Health and Weapon loadouts are increased. On the other hand, the Angels should wait for the day to come to enjoy the same perks, as reported by Skewed & Reviewed.

Finally, Rockstar intends to bring more bonuses and gifts into the mix. There’s even official word that the video game publisher is giving away a $250,000 in-game gift to a lucky player who plays “GTA V” via the PS4, Xbox One or PC from Friday, Oct. 28, through Monday, Oct. 31.