Activision and developer FreeStyleGames have decided to dish even more details for the “Guitar Hero Live” Premium Shows, like the first band that will participate in the mode, the rewards for it and more. Originally revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Activision announced a new feature for “Guitar Hero Live” called Premium Shows, which is a number of special challenges for the online-only “Guitar Hero TV Mode.”

Premium Shows will allow gamers to play in actual concert footage, a press release from Activision confirmed. Activision has confirmed the first band participating in the mode will be Black Veil Bridge. More bands will be featured in the future.

Prizes for the Premium Shows will depend on the skill of the player and the difficulty chosen for the song. Prizes for completing these shows include status rewards to level up faster, currency boosts, exclusive music videos and even early access to future songs before they become available as downloadable content (DLC).

GameSpot said fans will have to finish a number of in-game challenges if they want to access the Premium Shows. Fans can also gain early access to the mode by paying real money, but the developer has said it will be more satisfying to obtain access through the challenges. The potential for Premium Shows will apparently be unlimited, with plenty of exclusive songs to be added. There's also the possibility of multiple Premium Shows within a week or so.

Fans who are not confident with their skills need not worry, as Premium Shows can be accessed regardless of the difficulty setting. While the best prizes will go to those playing the most difficult level, players who just want to have a fun and easy time can stick with normal mode and still get rewards.

“Guitar Hero Live” will be available in North America Oct. 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game will be available to the rest of the world on Oct. 23.

Guitar Hero Live - Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)