After weeks of speculation, coach Blake Shelton finally gave fans a little peak into his relationship with fellow “The Voice” coach Gwen Stefani. During the Season 9 top 12 performances, the artist brought up a previous appearance the duo had on late night -- and the crowd appropriately ate it up. 

After artist Amy Vachal sang her cover of Drake’s very recent single “Hotline Bling,” host Carson Daly shot the conversation over to Shelton for his thoughts on how she did. He first acknowledged that the talented contestant performed, what he described to be, the classiest version of a song about a “booty call” that he ever heard. After that, things got weird. 

Those who watch “The Voice” will know that there’s a running joke between Shelton and Adam Levine in which the Maroon 5 singer makes fun of the country star for never knowing the songs that the contestants are covering. 

This time, however, Shelton was familiar saying that the song was so big it was unavoidable to him. After a beat of disbelief from Levine, Shelton softened and confessed that he really knew the song thanks to his newly announced girlfriend. 

“Gwen sang it to me on the ‘Tonight Show,’” he said. 

The line, coupled with the audiences very noticeable outcry to see the two acknowledge one another since their recent relationship announcement, was all the crowd needed explode into uproarious applause, whistles and screams. Strangely enough, it wasn’t necessarily the romantic gesture it sounds. While the crowd seemed to be reacting to the line as though it were a heartfelt performance dedicated to her boyfriend, the reality was far from it.

All four Season 9 judges of “The Voice” appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” in October and managed to have the most unromantic time possible. According to Entertainment Weekly, the host forced the coaches to play a game of “Spin the Microphone,” in which they each had to sing a song at random. While Levine got off easy with a reluctant performance of Britney Spears’ “Opps!...I Did It Again,” Stefani had to help her song partner, Shelton, through “Hotline Bling,” for which he did not know all the words. While it’s not direct acknowledgement of their new romance, it was enough to reduce both Carson Daly and Pharrell Williams into a giggling fit on live television. 

“The Voice” Season 9 will air live eliminations on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.