Players who are using a mod to stay on top of the pack in the zombie-infested “H1Z1” title are looking at a permanent ban from the game. Developer Daybreak Games CEO John Smedley announced this on Monday via his Twitter page.

The mod allows hackers to view other players’ information, particularly the important ones like health and location, IGN reports. This gives them an unnecessary advantage in what should otherwise be a stealth-survival game. Because of this, almost 25,000 cheaters have been banned from the game. However, it appears that this is just the start of a banned future for “H1Z1” hackers. Over at Reddit, Smedley said that there’s more to come.

“We have a solid ESP detection now and a few tricks up our sleeve in the coming week,” Smedley in the Reddit conversation. “We have a team doing nothing but anti-hack and it’s going to stay that way.”

There is an overwhelming reaction from fans who are for the ongoing ban against hackers. “H1Z1” has been a hotspot for hackers, with a lot of players experiencing unfair play with cheaters in the Battle Royale segment of the game. The developer has acknowledged the issue early this year, after the game hit early access last January. An amusing video has been created by the team, as seen below.

Daybreak Games is offering an array of fixes apart from the ban for players. Just recently, it has focused on improving the nighttime of the game because of players reportedly logging out once the day is over. Fan complaints have revolved around the night being too long in comparison to the day, which makes it a problem to play the game.

The developer had experimented with shorter night times but finally announced that some servers will be devoted to daytime only. Specifically, Senior Game Designer Adam Clegg announced the four servers that currently have 24-hour daytime environments. These are Smed’s Dead, Prison Shanked, Kryvy Rig and Lacerated.

Besides the new changes and improvements this week, there is also a string of additions to the game. Such additions come as a recent update that provides the following fixes:

- Availability of crossbow

- Availability of smoke grenades

- Availability of fix for landmines continually exploding on PVE server

- Corn that remains after being harvested has been fixed

- Damage from doors in motion will also be fixed.

“H1Z1” is currently out for PC. Versions for the PS4 and Xbox One are still expected after a number of teasers from the developer.

Devs make fun of "H1Z1" cheaters (Credit: YouTube/H1Z1)

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