Sony was hacked yet again.  This time, a group called LulzSec claimed credit. 

To prove itself, LulzSec leaked tons of Sony data.  The group claims it has more data and could have obtained a lot more; the leak was just a sample of its plunder.

So far, Sony hasn’t denied it was hacked and major media outlets are reporting that the hack was real.

The leak contained lots of information on users who registered on Sony websites, including email addresses and passwords.  In addition, unreleased compromised data – more emails, passwords, full names, full postal addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth – could be released by LulzSec or obtained by another hacking group.

The point is that tons of Sony user information is compromised and out there in cyberspace. 

LulzSec specifically claims the following databases were compromised: AutoTrader users database Summer of Restless Beauty users database Sony Wonder coupons database Sony Wonder music codes database Seinfeld Del Boca Vista database

If your information was compromised, here are some helpful tips for you:

-If your Sony password was the same or similar to your email password, change your email password!

-If your other passwords are the same or similar to your Sony password, change them!

- Expect spam email.

-Be vigilant against suspicious emails.  Don’t fall for advance-fee scams, don't click on links from addresses you don’t recognize, and don’t respond to emails posing as trusted sources that ask for your passwords or personal information.

- Actually, if your leaked email address isn’t that important, consider deleting it.

- Be vigilant about identity theft, especially if your email was and your password was  01.01.1960.

- If your phone number or postal address was leaked, good luck…