The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into yet another hacking incident involving police officers' personal information. According to the Charleston Gazette, the president of a statewide police chiefs organization confirmed that a group of hackers leaked the personal information of every police chief in West Virginia. The leaked information included the home addresses, home phone numbers and cell phone numbers of more than 150 current and retired police officers, to be posted to a public Web site.

The hackers, who call themselves CabinCr3w, are a subgroup affiliated with the bigger and more notorious Anonymous hacking group, which has claimed responsibility for entering the Boston, Syracuse, Utah and Texas police department sites. Anonymous also released a recording of a conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard last week, and revealed discussions between law enforcers about ways to stop more Web site hacking episodes.

According to reports by The Associated Press, the group found the private phone numbers and addresses on the West Virginia Chief of Police's database, through the police organization's old Web site, on Monday.

It's a tragedy someone was able to hack our website and obtain information that is useful to our members, William Roper, president of the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association, told the Charleston Gazette. He also said that he was collaborating with the West Virginia Office of Technology to prevent any more hacking.

The Web site was reportedly compromised because the hacker group wanted to protect free speech and fight anti-piracy laws, among other goals aimed at giving the public more freedoms and protection from police brutality. In an online message by CabinCr3w addressed to the citizens of West Virginia, the hacking group said it has been monitoring cases of police brutality.

We are here to remind you that we the taxpayers pay your exorbitant salaries, and those salaries of your officers, the group said. Your job is to protect and serve, not brutalize the very people that pay your wages. Muzzle your dogs of war, or we will expose more of your sensitive  information.