A report from valvetime.net states that the site has acquired documents from Valve, developer of the "Half Life," "Left for Dead" and "Portal" series, which suggests that "Half Life 3" and "Left for Dead 3" are currently in development.

The site claims that they gained access to lists of project groups from Valve. The groups are given clear and explicit names like "Half-Life 3" and "L4FD3," which, if the images are indeed from Valve, plainly indicate that both games are in some stage of development. Check out the photo below.


There are also groups with "Source 2" in the name, which would refer to Valve's next version of their self-built Source game engine. The Source engine was used in "Half Life 2," "Half Life 2: Episode 1" and "Half Life 2: Episode 2," as well as the "Portal" and "Left for Dead" series.


If these images are valid and indeed pulled from Valve, they would that confirm the existence of two items that we put on our E3 2014 wishlist. Oh, and millions of gamers would weep with joy too.

What do you think of the above images? Do you think they're legitimate and confirm that "Half Life 3" and "Left For Dead 3" are in development? Why or why not? What do you want to see in or learn about "Half Life 3" and "Left For Dead 3"? Sound off in the comments below.