A Minneapolis father who came home early caught his teenage daughter having sex with her school’s hall monitor.

After hearing noises coming from his daughter’s bedroom, the father saw Tajreed Edward Rich, 41, an employee at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, standing over his naked 17-year-old daughter, CBS Minnesota reports.

The incident took place on June 7 at around 3 p.m. Minneapolis Police were called, and Rich was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct for having sex with the 17-year-old girl on two separate occasions. His bail was set to $100,000, and he was fired from the school on Monday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

“He’s 41, she’s 17. ... He’s a hall monitor. I mean, the charge here is a position of authority. I think parents have a right to expect when their kids are at school that people employed at that school are not going to mess with their daughters, or sons, for that matter,” County Attorney Mike Freeman said about the case.

According to the complaint, Rich admitted to having both oral and vaginal sex with the teenage girl. On the date of his arrest, he said he didn’t use a condom and said he should have known better than to have a sexual relationship with a “vulnerable student.”

Rich, who is listed as a hall monitor and staff member on the boys football team, has been working at the school since 2011. As a hall monitor, his responsibilities were to make sure kids got to class safely, school officials said. According to police, Rich said he counseled the victim “about relationships with male students.”

Before working at the high school, Rich was a volunteer cheerleading coach at Minneapolis North High School. He also held positions as a school security monitor, educational assistant aide substitute, youth coordinator and coach, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

When asked if the state believes there are similar cases involving Rich, Freeman said, “We hope not.”

If convicted, Rich faces up to 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

The school sent automated voice messages to school parents notifying them of the arrest. “This is a horrible incident, and the district finds acts such as this reprehensible,” school officials said in a statement.