Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, are in a heated court battle after the family's nanny filed charges of battery and child endangerment.

TMZ reports the court judgment will be decided on Monday when the appropriate judge returns from vacation. At this time, no immediate emergency order has been requested for either side.

According to TMZ, the court battle began when Aubry physically assaulted the couple's three-year-old daughter, Nahla, and her nanny, Alliance Kamdem, after Aubry decided not to take his daughter to school. When the nanny, who works for both parents, went to pick up Nahla, she discovered the girl had not been to school.

Kamden then drove to Aubry's home where she asked him why he had not taken Nahla to school. In response, he allegedly cursed at her - using racial slurs - and pushed her out his door while she was holding Nahla. The nanny quickly filed a police report.

The police report, according to TMZ,  claims Aubry said, You're the f**king nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f**king know anything.

An emergency hearing was called following the alleged assault and E! reports the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services visited Berry's home on Wednesday.  

Halle Berry and French-Canadian supermodel Gabriel Aubry have been dating since November 2005. Berry gave birth to the couple's first child, Nahla, in March 2008. However, the couple reportedly separated in April 2010.

Aubry filed papers in December 2010 asking the Los Angeles Superior Court to acknowledge his paternity and give him joint legal and physical custody over their daughter. Berry currently has primary custody of Nahla, but Aubry has visitation rights.

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