Halloween Costume Ideas 2012: 7 Geeky Getups That Nerds Will Appreciate [PHOTOS]

on October 18 2012 5:25 PM

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to scour the Internet for last-minute costume ideas. The annual dress-up holiday provides an opportunity to be anyone you want on Oct. 31, from superheroes to celebrities and everything in between.

For some, Halloween is a chance to indulge in their favorite nerdy obsessions. Check out our list of the top seven Halloween costumes for tech geeks and video game fanatics.

A Fully Functional Camera. In this video, Tyler Card details his experience creating a functional, wearable, full body-sized camera. Each part of the costume works, from the LCD screen, to the built-in flash and shutter release button. Check out the video to see the costume in action.

Call of Duty

Most gamers dress as one of their favorite characters for Halloween, but not this fan. At the Fan Expo Canada in 2011, one player was caught dressed up as the “Call of Duty: Black Ops” game itself! agentmlovestacos.com

Companion Cube and Cake from Portal

This geeky couples costume is sure to confuse at least half of the people that see it, but anyone who has played Valve’s “Portal” will recognize it immediately. Maybe the cake isn’t a lie after all? http://maybemaibe.tumblr.com/post/30825965546

Tetris Blocks

Classic, but always relevant. Who doesn’t like Tetris? flickr.com/Loozrboy

Nyan Cat

Arguably one of the most famous Internet cats, Nyan Cat makes a way better costume than lolcat or Keyboard Cat. A cat with a Pop Tart for a body that leaves a trail of rainbows wherever it goes, how can it get any better? Flickr.com/Rob Boudon

An iPhone

This may be a little overdone, but nothing screams Apple geek more than actually dressing up as the device you’re obsessed with. Flickr.com/star5112

A Website

YouTube and Facebook are probably the most common website costumes, but this costume can apply to any page on the Internet. Flickr.com/Rafael Amado Deras

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