Halloween is only a few weeks away, which means it is time to start thinking about what desserts you will be creating on this costume-themed day. Whether you are serving your kids, yourself, guests or trick-or-treaters, there are plenty of delicious spooky treats that will satisfy all. Below are 10 recipes to creepy desserts you should consider serving during your Halloween celebration.

1. Bloody Eyeball Brownies

This creepy treat will have guests eyeing it from across the room. Frosted with coconut butter and topped with strawberry jam and lychees, this tasty dessert is gluten free and dairy free.

2. Vamp Attack Halloween Cake

Red velvet cake has never been creepier than with this twisted recipe. Splattered with a homemade raspberry chocolate “blood sauce,” this cake looks like more of a crime scene than a delicious dessert.

3. Healthy Halloween Monster Mouths

Looking for a healthy alternative to all the processed sugar that will be consumed on this costume-themed day? Look no further than these delectable apple treats that feature ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate chips and almonds.

4. Zombie Parfait

This easy recipe only has four ingredients and doesn’t require any bake time. Grab your favorite brand of chocolate cookie sandwiches and get ready to enjoy this decadent treat.

5. Witch Fingers

These cookies can be made with or without food coloring depending on your preference.  Put the dessert on display by placing the fingers around a bowl of blood aka strawberry jam.  

6. Popcorn Witches Halloween Recipe and Craft

This recipe requires a little more work and decoration but you will surely be satisfied with results once guest and trick-or-treaters take one look at the green popcorn sitting inside of your creatively decorated mason jar.

7. Zombie Brain Chocolates

It would be wise to prepare for this dessert in advance if you do not have a skull mold lying around the house. By ordering one from Amazon, you too can have a spooky yet tasty, marzipan stuffed chocolate treat.

8. Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

Although it may look like a cake, this graveyard themed dish features individual cupcakes that are sure to be a favorite among guest and trick-or-treaters.

9. Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ghost Meringues

Whether you make the whole cake or opt to make cupcakes, this fudgy, rich treat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth during this sugar filled celebration.

10. Spider Bites

If you are truly in the Halloween spirit and in the market for scaring you, put these spider bites on display. At first glance, they look like abnormally large spiders but guest will not fear this dessert after taking their first bite. Be sure to watch the instructional video to further understand how to properly construct the spiders.