After the latest episode, fans are back in the forums sharing their speculation. Over at Halo Waypoint, the official Halo website and forums board, the biggest discussion is on how the revolution may have started after fictional investigative journalist Benjamin Giraud dropped the metaphorical bomb.

Following last week’s shocker revelations from FERO, it appears she wasn't nearly done. For this episode, she is planning another move against ONI, which would push the buzz on the Master Chief even further. Since the last update, FERO had been moving fairly quickly and efficiently. She had leaked a suppressed report and security footage from the embassy that shows how Master Chief shot 90 people during the diplomatic talks.

Giraud was also moving on his own. He had interviewed and documented Petrosky, who was one of those who had witnessed firsthand the superhuman stories of Master Chief that made him look even more non-human.

Mshak Moradi, a skilled hacker and conspiracy theorist who had been helping Giraud, even shared a new side to the horror story. In short, the Spartan program had been very dangerous, to the point that it had left one boy damaged for life. And before the episode ends, FERO disappears, but not before telling Giraud that he was the spark to the revolution, and that he was now under their protection.

If the “Hunt the Truth” campaign were not enough, there's a new campaign running in Italy, dubbed “Find the Master Chief.” Gameranx found the new campaign (currently only detailed in Italian), which offers a chance for hardcore Halo fans to make use of their lore knowledge. The game is simple: Answer five questions about Halo quickly and correctly. Participants stand a chance to play at a laser tag arena in an eight-person Spartan Field Test in Milan.

It will be a two-team, best-of-three match with four players battling one another. In the end, it’s a test of both Halo knowledge and experience, as well as of stamina and strategy to last for three rounds of 15 minutes each in laser tag.

The winner receives a limited collector’s edition of “Halo 5: Guardians.” However, the campaign is only available to those in Italy, as the laser tag arena activity will be held in Milan. For now, neither 343 Industries nor Microsoft has announced other sites for similar evets. For those in Italy, the laser tag event will be held on June 28, as announced on the Italy-based website, which can be found here.

Hunt the Truth episode 9: Phantom (Credit: YouTube/HaloFollower)