Hana Hwang, a 13-year-old progeria patient, has become a celebrity on YouTube after posting a short video of thanks to her hero Selena Gomez, who paid a surprise visit to the Los Angeles Children's Hospital in December.

When asked what Selena Gomez meant to her, Hwang said, She's my hero, because she's a singer as well as an actress and she has been on both TV shows and movies.

Hwang has been battling with a rare genetic disease called progeria, which means she ages eight to ten times faster than the average person. The life expectancy for progeria patients is usually 13 years, according to ecorazzi.com, but Hwang recently turned 13 and is doing well under the care of the L.A Children's Hospital.

Hwang is a big fan of Gomez and gains inspiration from her song Who says, which she listens to everyday, according to the L.A Children's Hospital. I'm no beauty queen. I'm just beautiful me. You got every right to a beautiful life, are the lyrics that give the 13-year-old encouragement on a daily basis.

After hearing Hwang's story, Ryan Seacrest contacted Selena Gomez to arrange the meeting. On Dec.13 Gomez visited the hospital, and despite being overwhelmed, Hwang did not cry from fear of looking like a baby.

In a thank you video to the actress, Hwang displays several bracelets she made for Gomez. Selena, no matter what you go through in your life, if you have love and family, you're already a superstar. Never forget that you have made a difference to us and to the world, Hwang says in the video.